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  1. Register Business Name & Domain

      BEFORE a website can be created and hosting services started, you must register a Domain Name. In most cases, a domain name is the same name as or one similar to the Business Name (DBA) you registered with your county.
  2. Create a Hosting Account w/ SSL Certificate

      Now that you have a Domain Name, you must now open (pay for) a Hosting Account. Since your site will be built on the WordPress platform, we HIGHLY recommend Blue Host Cloud Sites for MOST of sites. If you are expecting high traffic, you will need to sign up for a WordPress Hosting account.
  3. Set Up Contact Email

      Before you can go any further, it's VERY important that you set up a generic BUSINESS email account in your new hosting services. This is how you will receive all your payments, emails, inquiries, etc... You can set up separate email accounts to handle each, but CWD recommends starting off with a generic one for now (ex: info@... or admin@...). You can leave you hosting "account" contact information in your personal email address.

  4. Are You Accepting Payments?

      If you are just getting started, CWD HIGHLY recommends setting up a BUSINESS account with PayPal.
      SIGN UP NOW!
  5. "If You Build It, He Will Come..."

      Not so... You must do your research to make sure what you are selling is competitve to what other sites are offering. Researching similar sites will also help you understand how you want your site to look. Black backgrounds will cost you more since there is more programming involved, so we recommend choosing a color scheme with a white background.
  6. Contact Cypress Web Dev

      Once you have all the necessary accounts in place, CONTACT Cypress Web Dev with your idea. Upon obtaining services, CWD will need to have full access to your domain account (if different than your hosting account), your hosting account and your PayPal account.
  7. Providing Content

      The job of a wed designer is to provide a structured shell for your content. For example...About Us. A web designer will create the page, but the client is still responsible for writing the content that goes on the page. If you are selling products, make sure all images are the same size and of high quality. Create a spreadsheet listing all your products that includes Title, SKU, weight, price, sale price, long description, short description, warranty information, shipping arrangements (free shipping, etc...), etc...
  8. See Social Media Below


One of the most important steps a company or group overlooks is Social Media. Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc... is FREE marketing! So as soon as you secure your company name, you should also claim the same name in these social media programs:

Facebook Page
Twitter Business Account
About Instagram
Linkedin Company Page